You can make a difference to someone like Rhonda.

Her life spiraling in homelessness and addiction, Rhonda was living in a cloud of darkness, “Both of my parents were drug addicts. I ended up in foster care and then as an adult, eventually landed on the streets and turned to drugs myself.” Living behind a dumpster, she made her way to the Rescue Mission looking for help with housing. There, she encountered the VRM recovery team and quickly decided that The Mission’s addiction recovery program was just what she needed. Having completed the 1-year program, Rhonda has now rebuilt her life. She has a stable job, a secure roof over her head, and has restored her addiction-broken relationships with her children.

Your donation matters! Help us build a hopeful future for the next hurting soul who finds the Rescue Mission.

2023 Impact


12 Graduates

From our Life Change Recovery Program

168,533 Meals

Served throughout our community

29,394 Nights

Off the street and in one of our shelter beds

16,133 Showers

Provided to the community

447 Appointments

of Professional Counseling Provided

Where & How Your Donations are Used

Did you know – Visalia Rescue Mission does not take any government funding. Our mission is to change people’s lives not only for today, but for the rest of their lives. This mission takes an internal change, and one that can only be achieved through truth, paired with real world help. When you give to the Mission, you can rest assured that your personal values are being held up throughout our entire organization.  

Life Change Recovery Program

 Visalia Rescue Mission’s Life Change Recovery Program is a Christ-centered approach to address the root issues of an individual’s brokenness, and to bring lasting, holistic healing to their lives. This is a year-long residency, where guests focus wholly on their recovery with basic needs covered by the Mission. 

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Meals at the Mission

1000’s of meals are served at our community kitchen every year. 

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Walkup Shelters

Our shelters provided more than 24,000 nights off the street and in one of our shelter beds in 2022 alone. Both our woman and children’s shelter, and our men’s shelter, need your help to continue providing a safe place for the homeless in our community.

Community Services

We partner with local community partners to provide a number of helpful services, showers, and transportation needs.

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