Homelessness in
Tulare County

At Visalia Rescue Mission we recognize that the forces which drive someone to sleep outside or in a shelter are myriad and complex. Over the last 5 years, we have seen a 267% increase in homelessness around Tulare County alone. Variables that impact these families and individuals are lack of affordable housing, unemployment, lack of familial support, the struggles that come from being formerly incarcerated, mental illness, addiction, and more. As we ease the suffering of hurting individuals – equipping them to break cycles of poverty and become independent, contributing members of their community – the whole community benefits. Whether someone needs emergency aid or they need more comprehensive, long-term services, Visalia Rescue Mission’s services and programs are provided free to anyone who comes to us.

In 2022 Visalia Rescue Mission:

  • graduated 21 individuals from our Life Change Academy (substance abuse recovery program)
  • provided shelter and served 2,080 residents and guests, totaling 24,065 nights off the streets for our community guests
  • served 103,720 meals in our community kitchen
  • provided 744 life skill classes
  • 638 hours of professional counseling services
  • 1,256 hot showers

Over 500 individuals were served through LINC (Local Initiatives Navigation Center), which is hosted every week on VRM’s main campus. We are grateful for the grants and donations from individuals, local organizations, churches, businesses, and foundations, which enable us to continue to provide these services to all who need them.

By the Numbers


nights off the streets for our community guests


meals in our community kitchen


life skill classes given