Stories of Hope

Jeffrey- LCRP Graduate

Jun 19, 2023 | LCRP Graduate

Jeffrey is counting down the days to graduation from VRM’s Life Change Recovery Program, June 29th! While he is thankful for his time here, he said, “I’m ready to see my son and wife every day! I can’t wait! I’m going home!” He is thankful for the tools and restoration that VRM has brought him, and he knows that without VRM he wouldn’t be where he is today. “I was goofy when I was drinking, and my son never knew who he was coming home too. My wife pointed out VRM several times, but I said I would never go someplace for a year. I tried several other places, without success, because I didn’t learn the tools I’ve learned here. It’s not all about me, and I’ve learned to accept that. Thank you VRM! I’m so grateful for what you have done for me!”