Stories of Hope

Meet James

May 27, 2020 | Stories of Hope

I grew up in the ghetto, lots of drug activity, prostitution, violence, and poverty. It was a tough situation. There was a lot of alcohol and drug use in my family. I started using around twelve or thirteen years of age and it progressed from there. I knew that God existed and I didn’t know about a relationship with God. I didn’t know anything about the Bible. I lost numerous jobs because of my addiction. It took me away from my wife, kids, and family members. I was one step away from being homeless, living with my uncle, when I decided to get my life together.

I came to Visalia Rescue Mission and it was one of the most defining moments of my life. I remember asking how do I pray? What do I say? How do I talk to this God that I don’t even see? Someone  told me, “just talk to Him, talk to God like you would talk to me.” I said, “It’s that simple?” So, I began to pray and talk to God. The more I opened up and prayed I realized I had pain that went a lot deeper than I knew. I was able to walk out forgiveness and it allowed me to begin to heal.

I want to thank God and the Visalia Rescue Mission because they saved my life. I didn’t come here for the word of God, I came to get clean and sober, and in the midst of that process God found me. Before I came to the mission I was under the influence, strung out, and now I am a child of God. I’m now on staff at the Mission in the shelter. My relationships with my three beautiful children and my family have blossomed. They are happy for the change in my life. I want to keep believing in God, putting my trust in Jesus Christ; I want God to lead me.