Stories of Hope

Primavera’s Story

Apr 12, 2021 | Stories of Hope

The moment I began to rekindle an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ things started making sense to me. As I read the Bible, prayed consistently, and trusted in Him I got to know Him on a more personal level. As I got to know Him on a more personal level, I gained a greater understanding of what God’s plan for my life was. I released my grip on past trauma and let God into those places of my life. I began to see things in a whole new light; things started to shift and change in and around me.

Growing up Native American, on my father’s side, I was familiar with ceremony as well as a family-oriented church. Before coming to Visalia Rescue Mission, I was catching jail charges and on a fast track down toward a spiraling road of addiction. God came into my life and has shown me that I am loved and how to receive forgiveness and forgive others. He has shown me how to have patience, consistency, respect, endurance, receive breakthrough, wear humility, and implement complete devotion to Him in my life. This has started a fire in my heart.

My outlook on life is forever changed. I have a whole new purpose to want to grow and prosper. I am filled with hope, so much that I see complete restoration in my family and am able to have my loved ones back in my life.

I am very appreciative of Visalia Rescue Mission, House of Hope, and Vocational Enterprises staff who have uplifted me with insight to things I couldn’t myself. With huge hearts you all have encouraged, supported, prayed with and for me, kept me accountable, and always had my best interests at heart. Thank you for pointing me to Christ and helping me find my way; it is most definitely an answered prayer. I am excited for a second chance at life with new beginnings.